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Curtain Rod Extender – Retailer sells curtain rods in standard lengths. However, some customers have a window that is wider than the widest curtain bar available. Curtains manufacturers can make to order but this is often costly and delivery time may be longer than desired. Fortunately, it is possible to increase the width of the bar with inexpensive supplies.

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Instructions: keep the rod in your hands and extend to its full width. Tension curtain rods have a bar within a bar a slightly larger dimension. The center of the rod should be in front of you. Pull both sides of the rod apart. Places one end of the curtain rod extender into the open end of one-half of the rod. Push 2-inch extension bar curtain rod. This is to prevent the curtain rod sagging below.

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Place the other end of the extension rod at the open end of the second half of the rod. Slide the curtain rod and hang up. Consider making your own extender rod, if the length of the bar of the final curtain is still not enough. Measure the width of the windows. Add 10 inches to the measurements because the curtain rod extender should extend beyond each side of the window a balanced appearance.