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Undermount Sink – Installing a sink, whether it is a new counter as if replacing an old one. Is a task that may seem difficult but that does not require a specific preparation. This article explains that installing a new sink is a simpler task than it seems. And details how to remove the old battery or prepare a new countertop so place after a new sink.

Posted on December 3, 2017 Hardware

The installation of an undermount sink is a task that, at first glance. It may seem more difficult than it actually is. No need to be a “handyman” to carry it out: just have some fondness for craft and DIY task, beside time and inclination to do so. There are two types of sinks. Depending on how they are placed and attached to the top: below deck and on deck. This article will focus on the latter, since they are the most frequent and easier installation. But also will be mentioned to the first group.

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Undermount Sink BlackSize: 1000 x 750

Undermount Sink WoodSize: 900 x 600

Undermount Sink SteelSize: 1000 x 807

Undermount Sink SmallSize: 858 x 602

Undermount Sink RoundSize: 1000 x 1000

Undermount Sink IdeasSize: 1198 x 799

Undermount Sink HealthSize: 1000 x 1000

Undermount Sink GraniteSize: 1024 x 773

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The first task is to be performed, in any case, cut the water. To do this, it is best to close the stopcocks kitchen or whole house. If it is to remove an old undermount sink, the first step is to disconnect all hoses and pipes connecting the battery and the tap with the water network.