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72 double sink vanity – Struggling retailer for more space at the sink in the morning with your second half or the kids? Why not treat yourself to one of our double sink for your bathroom? You can kiss goodbye to the morning rush hour. And the daily routine bottleneck in the bathroom and give everyone a better start to the day. But if space is a bit tight, so we have plenty of other options. Designer are design them as specifically for small bathrooms.

Posted on November 11, 2017 Hardware

72 double sink vanity comes with smart storage solutions towel rack or shelf for built toothbrush mug. Take a look here and you’ll find everything you need from standing basins to sink that fits bathroom cabinet that gives you plenty of space for all the creams and lotions, and so you can hide what you want.

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72 Double Sink VanitySize: 950 x 950

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If you share a bathroom with someone else, consider using a 72 double sink vanity option and install two sinks in the bathroom. In this design, the two cabinets or vanities installed on opposite walls, with a dark box in the center. Blind cabinet sits between the other two and can be accessed via pull-out shelves installed under. A sink is positioned on a cabinet and located on the opposite box. It still gives you extra storage in the bathroom, but also gives you more basins. You do not need to worry about bumping into someone when you use your side of the vanity.