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Rear discharge toilet – The back of a toilet is composed of a tank or rear discharge that holds water used during the rinsing of the bowl. Tank evacuation drains into the bowl when you flush the toilet, pushing water from the bowl and content drains. If the water level of the reservoir is too low, or you need additional water to increase pressure to push down bowl of content that are not easily hot flashes, you can add water.

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This is not a permanent solution for a toilet that drains poorly or runs constantly. Instructions: First, remove the cover of rear discharge toilet. Note the water level in the tank. Second, flush toilets while looking inside of the tank of the toilet. Take note of where the water level stops. Look inside wall of the toilet tank to a water mark or discoloration line. Third, find the tube overflow of water in the tank – a small tube to the top of the tank siphoning off the water when the level becomes too high.

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Slowly pour the water into the rear discharge toilet until it reaches the discoloration of the water level or until it is one inch below the opening of pipe overflow. Last, flush the toilet to clear the toilet bowl and check the water level rises in the tank. Add water as needed.