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Bar foot rail – When one thinks of bar add-ons, installing a foot rail ought to be at the highest of your respective list. Foot rails, or bar rails as some call them, can be found in various styles and finishes, to suit your personal style and preferences. Plus, they are customizable so that you could get them to start using a bar of any shape or size. The tubing is that the actual metal rail which you will rest the shape of your toes on. Choose from finishes like polished brass, polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel and unstained wood, to match the initial look and feel of your respective bar. Brass foot rails seem to become the most famous choice except for outdoor use, stainless steel rails are your best option, as they have increased durability. Once you’ve decided upon the finish you’d like, you will need to take some basic measurements to work out just simply the amount tubing you will need for the bar.

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Firstly, measure each side from the bar that could possess a foot railing and produce an easy sketch of your respective foot rail. It is helpful to create a virtual rail on the ground around your bar, with string or painters tape; doing this‘ll enable you to visualize just simply the amount space you will need for the bar foot rail.  After you have laid your design on the ground, measure each section to calculate just simply the amount tubing you will need.

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Tubing is available in lengths as much as 8 feet, whenever your bar is longer than that, you will need to join two bits of tubing together to create bar foot rail that fits your bar perfectly. Connecting the pieces is straightforward having a splicer, an internal connector which you insert into finished of each and every tube. When you are determining the length of the tube that will be connected for an elbow and joined with another tube (to round a corner), remember to incorporate the dimensions of your respective bracket with your measurements.  When ordering tubing, it is always wise to round as much as the nearest foot. It is easier to chop off excess tubing than it is to link more.

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To aid your bar foot rail you will get to install brackets that hold the tubing set up and provides stability to the tubing. Select your brackets from a number of styles and finishes, so that they too will match the design and feel of your respective bar. There will be bracket styles that mount right towards the bar face, floor mounting brackets and combination style brackets to select from and all available inside an assortment of finishes. You will want to ensure your foot rail has the ideal level of support, so you’ll require a bracket 6 inches from finished of your respective tubing or elbow and a further bracket for each 3 feet of tubing to ensure your foot rail is nice and sturdy. For instance, when you have 8 feet of tubing, you’ll need 1 bracket on each end and 1 in the middle, for any total of 3 brackets.

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