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Chair rail molding – is traditionally used to add architectural interest to a room. This is most commonly done by installing a place where the walls meet the ceiling, so often called the ceiling or crown molding. Installing crown molding adds formality to a room. Another way to add formality wall molding is used to finish the top of wainscoting or beadboard. Traditionally, wooden panels installed about a third of the height of a wall. Then, wall molding is installed just above the wainscoting. This is often called a chair rail. The wall above the chair rail is generally painted a contrasting color.

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Picture rails are a type of molding applied to the wall three feet above the floor. Originally, chair rail molding was used to protect the plaster walls being damaged by the backs of chairs. This is a picture rails are popular reason eater’s old houses. Now, in addition to providing some protection to your walls, chair rails have become a popular indoor decoration material. Traditionally, rails chair are made of wood. The types of wood used to create chair rails are pine, oak, maple and poplar. Some lanes wooden chair made of MDF (medium density fiberboard), which is a timber.

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Chair rail molding can also be made of plaster. The more fragile than a lane wooden chair, tends to be less expensive than wood and paint wears well. Another affordable option for chair rails is plastic or resin. Although non-traditional materials, plastic and resin are durable and generally less expensive than wood. Wall molding is also often used to frame parts of a room, as all doors, niches, shelves and seamless windows. If you have a small room, installing a window treatment you can overwhelm.

There are hundreds of different styles of chair rail molding. easy chair with a smooth surface that is square or rounded are popular for a more subdued decor look more ornate, carved relief and picture rails are available. Although molded chair rail is usually two to three inches wide, many widths are available. Thicker picture rails work best in large rooms, while the thinner plate rails are suitable for smaller rooms. White plaster moldings chair rail is a popular way to separate two different coatings on the same wall, as a coating on the bottom and painted on top paper. Other colors available are white and cream. Wooden rails of the chair can be stained or painted to match any decor plaster and resin moldings chair rail can also be painted in any color.

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