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Mid century modern sofa – twentieth century design (1900-1999) includes a wide range of industries and products. Influence of this period of design can be seen in architecture, furniture, decorative arts, clothing and graphics. There is not a design look or style in 20th century, but a series of overlapping styles, representing arrival of modern world. Architecture provides a visual catalog of 20th century design. Craftsman style, also called American Arts and Crafts Movement, dates from before turn of century to around 1929th This design style emphasizes craftsmanship, using wood, glass and metal to create clean lines and robust construction from local materials. Craftsman style was a reaction to ever increasing mass-produced housing styles and products. American Craft styles and architectural details that came from this era is Shaker furniture, Mission furniture and idea of placing a breakfast area or “hook” in kitchen.

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Mid century modern sofa, dated from 1925 to 1940, covers a wide range of 20th century design styles — Cubism, Constructivism, Neoclassical, Art Nouveau and Futurism. Art Deco was not rooted in a political or philosophical statement, but was inspired by a purely decorative desire. It made use of industrial materials — stainless steel and aluminum — and more decorative applications such as in- put and lacquered wood. Bold patterns (angles, geometric, went and sweeping curves) fitted carpets, mid century modern sofa, textiles and clothing. This type of bold design statement is repeated in 1960s. Chrysler Building and Empire State Building are examples of Art Deco architecture.

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Mid-century design is dated 1933-1965. It is a mixture of styles overlap with Art Deco period and includes work of Isamu Noguchi, Eileen Grey, Richard Neutra and Charles and Ray Eames. In this part of 20th century, coupled Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas on organic architecture of Bauhaus (association of art, technology and crafts) and International Style. A large expanse of windows and open floor plans found in homes and offices built in mid-century design era. Main Terminal at Dulles Airport in northern Virginia and Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco are examples of more organic forms of mid-century design.

From mid-1960s to late 20th century, mid century modern sofa design was a melting pot of ideas and styles. Postmodern design is not about a specific type of design, but an exploration of what came before. As new technologies are developed, many old styles revived and worked — Architecture Michael Graves reflect geometric and bold patterns of Art Deco period. ability to build higher and more complex forms such as those designed by American architect Frank Gehry (Guggenheim -museet in Bilbao, 1997) put to use concept of message technology and craftsmanship embedded in mid-century design.

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