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Tub to shower conversion kit – Many tubs no longer serves its purpose for a few years. And also must be convert into showers. This can be through shower renovation business with little fuss about a day. And could be done by a person in a short period of time. Provide that they know what they are doing construction-wise.

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First, decide how your tub to shower conversion kit install. Whether it was between two walls with pipes attach to it and wall itself. Or on another wall was create and piping attach to it. This is important to find out how to connect tub from HVAC system. And not destroy pipes in rest of house. Once you have decide this, turn off water supply in house. And then open plumbing wall in your bathtub. All tubs have these plumbing wall panels and can be easily reaching from one side or from a retaining wall around tub. This is where you will be able to unload tubes are connect to taps with a wrench.

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Remove any wall coverings and grout that connects tank to wall. A hammer and chisel is probably your best friends in this situation and should be used around edges of tub to rid tub from where hard place. This will take time and elbow grease to do, so do not get frustrate if it does not seem like you’re making any progress. When tub to shower conversion kit is loose. Have someone help you remove it from bathroom or house itself as it is bulky. And sometimes, depending on material it is made of, very heavy.