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Corner window curtain rod – In the right curtains can add functionality and beauty to a room. Windows are place in odd configurations can easily find the right curtains a challenge. Windows that meet in the corner of a room can be especially challenging. Curtains will give style and coverage without filling the space.

Posted on December 13, 2017 Hardware

You can use several panels to create a flowing appearance in all corners of the window. Or also use straight corner window curtain rod placed to almost touch in the corner between the windows. Buy or sew sheer panels in progressive colors. Determine the flow you want before hanging your curtains. Guest’s eye will be drawn from light to dark. Next, use six panels in total. Then hang the curtains using the three lightest colors on the first rod towards the corner. And then pplace the three darker colors on the second rod, working from lightest to dark. To draw attention away from the corner, put dark paneling on the outside. To get your attention on the corner, place the lighter panels on the outside.

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If you wanna visually block the smaller corner windows uses a rod to form a barrier curtain. Then place the corner window curtain rod from the outer edge of a window to the outer edge of the other windows to form a triangle. To give the illusion of a corner is present; choose curtains in fabric that matches your walls. For an elegant look, use curtains made of lace in bright colors or white.

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