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Console table with storage – More and more manufacturers and designers of furniture s that focus on creating solutions to save space, which is not surprising when you consider that homes today are becoming smaller. So, today you can find on market a lot of pieces of furniture that are intended to make life easier for all those people who have no choice but to live in a house with few square meters. We refer to sofa beds, tables extendable dining , beds with storage base , sofas with storage … Among furniture to save space that are increasingly successful are convertible consoles on dining tables but, is it a good idea to opt for a piece of furniture like this? Today we will solve your doubts!

Posted on November 12, 2017 Interiors Furniture

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If you thought that answer to question you just formulated would be either “yes” or “do not” were very wrong, as it all depends on needs of each home. Yes, we do have clear is that buying a convertible dining console table with storage as you can see in following image is not always a good idea. Logically, opt for this type of furniture pieces is a great idea for those homes where square meters conspicuous by their absence. Of course, it may not be best idea if your room is too small. Thus, we recommend only make this part if you are sure you have enough space to fully open. If not, you better probably go for another option.

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If you use only dining table occasionally, choose a convertible console table with storage is an excellent idea. However, if every day with your family eats in dining room or you usually receive many visits, at end you may end up getting tired having to open table whenever you want to use. process is not complicated or laborious, but end up giving laziness. In these cases, it may be better than you probably go for a conventional table, even if it is extensible, and save space with other elements: choose a smaller sofa, dispenses with any auxiliary furniture in dining room.

A convertible dining console table with storage will not be best idea if you have a very large room, as space may be too empty and therefore unaesthetic. Yes, we know that today’s open and clear spaces are kept, but not professional decorators recommend leaving large gaps unused. In this case, it is best to opt for a table of conventional dining, but if you do not want to take up too much space, can be a good idea to opt for one that is not too large but is extensible so you can accommodate your guests.

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