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Modern sleeper sofa – Sofa beds are a perfect solution for people who receive occasional guests but we want to have a functional space for day to day. With your help we have a practical sofa for a study, a living room or bedroom, it will become just seconds in an extra bed. Hard not to succumb to the charm of this lovely three-seater sofa with a timeless charm and elegance that also conceals an extra bed 130 x 190 cm. The solution of convertible sofas is perfect for those who do not are accustomed to receive visitors. As we see, we really have an elegant sofa for day to day, but it can help if at a point in time we need to have an extra bed. Very easy to use, in a couple of seconds and almost effortlessly have a comfortable bed to rest.

Posted on November 12, 2017 Interiors Furniture

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Modern sleeper sofa click clack charming, with that so elegant and modern aspect that, find an area without problems in any room or study casual style. His captioned support seduces your guests, and it is that which brings all the elegance of this sofa bed. The material is made is environmentally friendly leather sofa and bed dimensions are 195 x 90 cm. A bed can hide anywhere, even on a single sofa. This solution is perfect for smaller rooms for guests or for you to be very cautious and wish to have a comfortable bed for those occasional visits sometimes come to your house. The collected sofa has dimensions of 90 cm wide by 92 deep. On opening of course we have a bed 90 cm wide and a length of 195. The opening mechanism is click clack; it has a metal frame with a slatted beech. The futon mattress is polyurethane and cotton.

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This practical sofa casual appearance hides a comfortable bed with futon mattress polyurethane and cotton on a beech slatted base. Width measurements couch (and hence the bed) are 145 cm. Without opening the bed it has a depth of 92 cm, and once the sofa open, the bed is 195 cm. This modern sleeper sofa opening click offers a comfortable mattress of 130 x 190 cm with foam of 13 cm and a slatted wooden. So now you can see with this phenomenal sofa bed for occasions have occasional or regular use. You also have a lower storage drawer to keep at it quilts, blankets or whatever we want, in comfort and discretion. Modern sleeper sofa cover is washable, and removed and put in complete comfort. The overall style of the sofa and see that it is sober, because he seeks the practicality and comfort. But its elegance will not clash in the space where you place it.

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