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How To Build Whiskey Barrel Sink – Whiskey barrel sink is project which uniting two very different but combining elements together. To make a sink with a barrel need to incorporate a water inlet, an outlet and elements that will determine the final location. Whiskey barrel sink place would be successful in a sauna, as its exterior aesthetics is perfectly integrate with the environment. In addition to everything needed for installation. Do not forget that on the outside of a home you can also find hydrants. So another good idea would be to incorporate it into an outside. Or next to the barbecue kitchen.

Posted on November 19, 2017 Hardware

The first step to make whiskey barrel sink is to check that the barrel is perfectly seated. And level in the chosen location. Once this checks and have placed security tools with a jig saw and a suitable sheet wood. It comes to empty one of its circular bases to free the space for the sink. The move to cut must have a diameter smaller than the diameter of the bowl or sink basin. Allowing embedded but remains supported around its perimeter.

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Whiskey Barrel SinkSize: 800 x 1225

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The second step to make whiskey barrel sink is to create an opening large enough in the body of the barrel as to pass the drainpipe. With a drill bit with a diameter slightly larger than the drain pipe will get drilling the barrel without any problems. The exact point where you must drill will indicate the previous installation of the sink. The drains just have to move it to the barrel. The third step to make whiskey barrel sink is to recess the previously sink in the contact area with the top or base of the barrel. Install the faucet whenever it is no longer installed on the wall of the wall. If not, make a through hole in the top of the barrel and another in the body of it to coincide with the hydrants installed on the wall. To install the sink faucet, help yourself to their anchoring elements. Connect the hoses to the water intake and eventually replace the valve and drain trap in the sink. In this explanatory you can learn to put a drain in the sink.

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