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Cast iron hooks – If you love the look of a beautiful fireplace screen but do not have a fireplace in your home. Why not consider use one of them as wall art? Beautiful fireplace accessories are available in a variety of unique styles. Many of which can be adapt easily to serve as wall decorations, not the protection of the fireplace. Here are some decorate tips you can use to change the simple fireplace screen into a stun piece of art on the walls.

Posted on November 30, 2017 Hardware

There are so many different styles of screens are available. That may seem difficult to choose the perfect one for your walls. If your house has a rustic style decor, iron fireplace screen can be very complementary. The iron screen can also be use to add a touch of authentic traditional style Tuscan decor. Cast iron hooks can work beautifully as wall decorations. The antique screen often works especially well, because they are usually made in a very ornate style.

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Cast Iron Hooks For PansSize: 1024 x 768

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However, cast iron hooks are also usually quite heavy. So be sure to provide adequate support when hung on the wall. Even glass fireplace screen can work well when display as wall art. In fact, the screen is also adapt quite well when used in front of the window to add a decorative touch, especially if the display includes features stained glass.