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Chandelier table lamp – You can take it easy elegance of a chandelier table lighting designs without breaking the bank. A chandelier lamp has the hanging, dangling crystals of a large chandelier in place of a traditional lampshade. These lamps can be expensive to buy, but you can make one using a simple, inexpensive lampshade and some supplies available at most craft stores. A chandelier table lamp is a decorative pendant luminary, with several arms that are light or bright. Chandeliers can be made of a variety of materials including metals, such as brass, bronze, wrought iron or chromium.

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Materials for making a chandelier table lamp. Frame components, the chandelier frame may be made of almost any material. Metal pipes, brass, copper or chromium, is popular as the wires can be fed through the chandelier arms seamlessly. Copper is available from your local hardware store, and flexible enough to conform to the shape of your home workshop, but brass or chrome parts will likely need to be tailored. Check your local metalworkers and remember, you will probably give a sketch of the parts you need, including arms, eye-catching, hanging chain and canopy piece. Decorative components, Decorative crystal droplets are traditionally French-style chandeliers, but more contemporary style decor can also use colored glass, plastic, beads, or almost anything you want.

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Make a chandelier table lamp; Remove the paper shade from the frame lampshade. This will leave the center apparatus that attaches the lamp with the upper loop remains intact. The lower loop, which is no longer needed, it can be discarded. Pass a 12-inch length of rope through a gem. Tie the line in a knot around the bead and place a dab of hot glue to the knot to keep it secure. Continue to thread clear beads on the line, catching the tail of the line through the knot inside the first bullets to hide it. Thread the beads until two inches of the line remains.

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Tie the line on the lampshade main wire hoop and secure the knot with a dab of hot glue. Trim the excess line. Continue strings and hang beaded lines until the entire frame is covered with dangling. Use hot glue to attach beads around the outside perimeter of the arc. This will add a decorative finish while hiding the arc and tied the fishing line. Place the shade on the lamp. Ensure that the beads do not touch the bulb inside the lamp, then turn it on and enjoy the atmosphere.