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Changing table dresser – A change table organizer will provide additional storage space, as well as prevent lotions and potions changing go astray. They come in different designs and you can buy one that best suits your diapering station and nursery theme. A good organizer changing table will do exactly what it says on the box – organize your diaper station. Raising children can make even the most organized of us lose control of where important parts are an organizer and prevent over hunting for their diapers and creams children when they need it most. And ‘surprisingly easy to lose track of the bottles and baby wipes when agitated through a diaper change, so an organizer become indispensable.

Posted on November 6, 2017 Interiors Furniture

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Besides the obvious, such as a change pad cover, you can buy items like a hot towel or diaper pail. There are many articles related Mum and baby are best kept stored in the organizer changing table dresser, and all are designed to make life a little easier. For those families who value the multi functional furniture for their usefulness and the wide life they present, the changing table multi function Baby wok is very interesting. It is a table that acts as a stool, you can adjust the height by turning the work area, the core is shaped screw is screwed or unscrewed to the desired height.

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As seen in the pictures, has multiple applications and adapts to the needs of parents and children, it can be used as a surface for changing table dresser, as child table to do homework, and even as table garden to enjoy a barbecue the functionality is amply proven. The Baby wok table has sturdy wheels on the legs for easy transfer to any room in the home, are wheels having a retention system that easily immobilized.

The table includes a changer padding lined with resistant special fabric stain and easy to clean, to increase security and ensure that the baby is kept on the changing table dresser, the edges are higher forming a wedge that prevent the baby can be rotated. Baby wok is made of solid beech wood, very durable and easy to work by carpenters. It contains no chemical treatments that may affect the baby’s health, perfectly supports 50 kilos of weight and comes in three different colors: white, brown or wood. It notes that in addition to the wheels, the table has side handles to easily transport it outside the home.

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