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Tufted leather sofa – As you know, in the market we can find upholstered pieces with different skin types and each may require special care and cleaning. In a previous post we gave general advice on cleaning and maintenance of leather sofas or leather. Today we are going to give tips and tricks for good maintenance and cleaning of sofas upholstered with nubuck leather. All natural skin that is used to upholster sofas, armchairs, chaise longue, and the can be classified into two types: grain leather or suede leather and rectified.

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Flower skin tufted leather sofa is removed from the first layer of skin of the animal. It is a little treated skin, so you can show scars or blemishes that the animal suffers, giving it a more authentic look. There are some that given the youth of the animal, its quality and the absence of significant scarring, need not be sanded. The upholstered pieces with this skin type usually have a higher price. It is of calfskin which is extracted the nubuck. Specifically, this part of the animal’s skin lightly sanded to give it a softer texture and eliminate imperfections, as well as opening the pores of the hair, which gives it breathability and that velvety appearance. Keep in mind that sanding removes some of the natural protection of the skin, making it more exposed to stains and sunlight.

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The rest of the skin that is not of the flower is considered rectified skin or suede. It undergoes treatment processes in order to give texture and desired appearance upholstery. Sofas upholstered with this type of skin have a lower price. It is essential keep them away from direct sources of sunlight, and that eventually the skin can be clarified and lose its original color. We must avoid contact with sharp objects that can damage the skin. And avoid as far as possible, liquids spilled on the tufted leather sofa.

In the market sprays and special products for this type of skin that offer some protection sold, preventing stains easily impregnate or excess sunlight from damaging the piece. This treatment is generally recommended every six months at least. Remember that in these pieces, it is best to carefully follow the cleaning and maintenance tips offered by the manufacturer and the distributor of the piece, to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you want to remove the dust that accumulates daily, it is best to shake the tufted leather sofa and backrests. If cleaning is required further, you can use a special cloth for nubuck or soft brush and rub the surface very gently, always against the grain.

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