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Click clack sofa – Its modern minimalist design makes it an elegant sofa in your interior home, perfect for everyday use. It’s ideal in a space of modern design, it has always prepared us your comfortable bed 180 x 110 cm, very easy to open thanks to its mechanism click clack sofa. Sober and discreet, the convertible sofa Charleston will be our best ally in small spaces where we have problems meters. Canapé style is perfect for interiors where light tones prevail.

Posted on November 13, 2017 Interiors Furniture

It may seem as superfluous, but click clack sofa color is one of the first things that catches our attention and generated the first question: explosive colors or soft? Note that if you choose a bright color, like the red sofa, the visual impact of this will be very strong, so subtract importance than other furniture and elements of the room. In addition, you must choose the same color supplements or stick with sofa, so if you’re sure, buying a new sofa, but not completely renovating the room, that the chosen color go with the rest of the decor.

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Although it is usual to find a click clack sofa online, the fact is that today there are other possibilities: as L or even circular, like this we see in the photograph. So when choosing, traditional forms or innovate a little? The space you have at home who will give you the answer. Size does matter, at least as far as sofas are concerned. We must consider the surface of the lounge and distribution. Buy too large or wider than we can afford affect the comfort of the room couch, so it is better take the measures targeted when we go to the furniture store and, likewise, us note the sofa we like and make tests at home: with a newspaper we can make the exact space that would occupy the cabinet and as invade the space.

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We may well realize that perhaps the chaise longue of our dreams is not the most appropriate for our small lounge. Do not panic, in click clack sofa can also sleep great naps.  Finally, we cannot forget something fundamental when choosing a sofa for our salon: design. Here there are no possible advices, since it will vary depending on the tastes of each person. We stayed with a classic sofa Chester, a model with a lot of English air never gets old.