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Living room decor ideas – The ceiling height can create a decorating challenge as you try to find the decor and furniture that makes the most of the room height without seeming small in comparison. As you plan a tracking system in your living room, choose elements that will work with the height of the ceilings and the creation of an open, pulled-together space.

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Lighting for living room decor ideas, paying attention to the height of your roof and eliminate shaded corner with a mixture of lighting elements. Use a dramatic chandelier to complement the design of the room: Consider a modern, artistic design in a modern home or a rustic wooden chandelier in cottage style living room decor ideas. You can also use the directional lights pointing upwards to highlight the architectural elements of the roof such as beams or corner. Include lighting that illuminates the lower part of the room with track lighting, lamps and recessed lights.

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Ceiling decor, Makes the ceiling the focus of your living room decor ideas by decorating it in a dramatic way. Add large wooden beams in a geometric pattern, for example, or cover the roof with decorative tiles. If your roof is relatively common, the molding painted the same color to create faux architectural details; levels will create depth and visual interest with the play of light. For a more modern look, cut a shape like a starburst or a floral shape of the wood and fix the ceiling around the base of a pendant light. Vertical decoration, In a room with cathedral ceilings, you can use more of the vertical wall to avoid too much open space; in doing so, you will draw the eye up and emphasize the height of the room. Look for decorative elements as high bookshelves, oversize artwork, or stacked items as long painting above a fireplace. If your windows look small in the room, create window treatments that will start one or two feet higher to make the window look more proportionate.

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Accent wall for living room decor ideas, to give your living room a design pop, use one of the highest walls as an accent wall. Paint it a bold color, for example, or hire an artist to paint a mural in the top section. You can also turn the wall into a focal point by adding wood stripping painted a contrasting color. If you have money, choose the highest exterior wall and install windows from floor to ceiling to flood the space with light and make the most of the view.