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Custom shower curtain – When designing a bathroom, is find a shower curtain that fits perfectly in your decor scheme difficult. By changing a standard shower curtain, you can create a custom version that will be the finishing touch to your bathroom design. As you plan, select materials that will stand up to heat, water and steam. And also find a design that does not interfere with the operation of the curtain.

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Using acrylic paint, you can create your own design on your custom shower curtain that matches the style of your bathroom. Start by choosing the stencil pattern you want; blow it up on the computer and print it on steady supplies of paper. Low shower curtain on a large, flat space so that there are no wrinkles. Starting in one corner and work out, using the stencil and acrylic paint to make your own design. You can work with pressure, a border or use a single, large image in the center, like a monogram or logo of your favorite sports team. In a child’s bathroom, you can paint his name or a set of cartoon fish.

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When working with fabric custom shower curtain, you can add trim for a straightforward adaptation. You may cut small holes in the bottom of the shade and weave ribbon through. For example use a sewing machine to add several rows of trim. Add decorative cord tie-backs, sewing on tassels to each shower curtain loop or use fabric to create a form and sew it on to the center of the curtain. Look for accents that match the decor of the rest of the bathroom. For example, echo trim on your towels, or make the fabric shapes that match the stencil pattern on your walls.

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