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Entryway mirror – The entryway is the critical part of a house because it creates your guests’ first impression of your home. This area is also important because of their role – to facilitate the transition between leaving and arriving at home. The tables, mirrors, and lights are essential pieces which can be both stylish and useful in entryway areas. By decorating these pieces, you can make your entryway more personalized and better suited to your needs.

Posted on November 26, 2017 Hardware

Before add entryway mirror, start from the ceiling. Spice up a standard bulb, select a shade of a conspicuous color that blends with the room. Attach an attractive draw to the light switch as well. Buy a mirror with a decorative frame for your entryway. You can also choose several small mirrors arranged in a symmetrical design as an alternative to the more traditional single, larger mirror. You can also use a mirror as a tray to your table.

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Decorating entryway tables sparsely. You do not want a messy area in the entryway. Consider placing a few small items on the table, for example, an organizing tray and a living plant. Accentuate the table by hanging decorative entryway mirror or a piece of art above. Cover the table with a simple cloth if you want to give a skirt under which you can store shoes or other objects.

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