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Curved shower curtain rod can create more space inside the shower by expanding the space between the shower and the curtain by as much as 6 inches. They also function to hold more water in the shower by bent inward at the edges to trap the water. Besides the practical uses, curved shower curtain rods also add to your bathroom decor by creating shape. And depth in the bathroom, where straight lines are typical. Play on the curved shape or take a clue from your favorite to decorate the bathroom around the curved shower curtain rod.

Posted on December 14, 2017 Hardware

Paint or wallpaper on the walls in the bathroom. Choose a color or pattern that sets the style. And tone of the bathroom or something that complements your shower curtain. Select a curved shower curtain rod that complements your bathroom. The curved rods come in a variety of designs and styles, in two or one, which prevents the shower curtain rings from getting hung up on the lip of the connecting rod. Bet on a surface and style that matches your bathroom fixtures such as towel bar and taps.

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Install curved shower curtain rod higher than you normally would. If you want to hide the shower head or bathroom walls do seem longer. Hang a shower curtain, liner or combination. Use decorative hooks that complement your decorating style. Such as news worm hooks for an ocean themed bathroom or spiral hooks for a modern twist.

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