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Clawfoot tub shower kit is synonymous with luxurious long baths, reminiscent of the elegant, 1920. Many older homes equipped with these tubs, and have been continually repaint over the years. Bathtubs with paint legs are easy to acquire, for many given so they can be replace with modern bathtubs. They can be use for a variety of purposes, not only for bathing. A claw foot tub is a great addition to any home or garden.

Posted on November 17, 2017 Hardware

Sometimes painted clawfoot tub shower kit must give way to a more modern fixture in a bathroom. However, one cannot discard these treasures, so they can be use in a garden in several ways. Clawfoot tubs can be sunk into the ground with the drain plug, and become a small pond complete with fish and plants. They can also be place in an area of a garden that needs some pizazz or deck needs some vegetation. Then, the tub can be plant with a variety of flora, either annual or perennial.

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Foot-in clawfoot tub shower kit can be use for a multitude of other projects and crafts. Add to the bottom of the table legs to create an elegant gold brooch in the bottom of the cabinet. Use them at the bottom of a bucket of depth to create a stand for umbrellas or place them at the ends of a long piece of sanded and stained to create a stylish shoe rack wood.