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Window box brackets – You can install a planter directly to the side of your house. Mounting bracket in the window box for better support and allows you to easily remove it if necessary. Measure the width at the bottom of your planter, using the measuring tape. Write down the dimension. Ensure that your design has a 90-degree angle and the length of the top is at least equal to the unit of measurement. Enlarge design on a copier, if the original is not big enough.

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After that, trace outline of the template of window box brackets on poster board and cut it out with scissors. Place the template poster-board wood, adapt the 90-degree angle with the corner of one end. Hold the template in place and trace the outline of the tree. Measure and mark about 2 inches longer than the template using the measuring tape and paper.

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Furthermore, draw a horizontal line across the tree on the field, using a ruler and pencil, and cut timber along the line of the saw. Clamp wood for a sturdy work surface, using wooden clamps and cut out of the bracket along the trace of the template cut. Sand any rough edges on brackets, with 80-grit sandpaper. The last, finish grinding window box brackets smoothly, using 120-grit sandpaper.

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