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Carpet stair treads – Carpet stair treads and absorbs sound waves of your foot. A carpeted staircase is safer than the hard surface of the stairs, as they minimize your chances of slipping due to loss of balance. Keep the beauty of a wooden staircase, but has all the comfort, sound insulation and safety when installing carpets for your stairs. Proper mounting the blanket is an important part of the process.

Posted on November 25, 2017 Decor Ideas

Measure the width and the length of your flight of carpet stair treads, by using a measuring tape. The curtain width should be 4 inches wider than your tackles strips. To have an idea of the necessary tackles strip width, measure the width of your carpet runner and deduct 4 inches from the total carpet width. Mark the length of all the risers with a pen marker. Cut trackless strips so as to be 4 inches shorter than the total width of your carpet, using a utility knife. The carpet runner upside down and run a chalk line on two sides so that the distance between lines is equal to the width of trackless strips.

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Install trackless strips from the bottom of the stairs. Position front tackles strip 1/2 inch from and parallel to the corner between the tread and the riser. Usually two tackles strips needed for each tread, one for the front and the other for the back of the tread. Place another tackles strip on the back of the tread, 1/2 inch from its edge. The printed arrows on the strips should be pointing toward the top of your staircase.

Hammer down tackles strips with pre-installed nails that come with strips to each of the threads. Work instructions from step 3 to step 4 until you have installed tackles strip the entire length of carpet stair treads. Cut carpet padding same width as the tracks using the utility knife. Wrap cushioning around the front edge of the step, while some slack.

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Rolled out length of the blanket, right side up, from the top of the staircase and allow it to free fall to the bottom of the stairs. The center by adjusting the carpet on stairs by means of lines on the underside of the carpet as a guide.  Working from the bottom of your flight of stairs to the top. Using a ruler to folding back of the carpet along lines that cover the carpet padding. Slide curtain on the neck band, by means of an awl. Make sure that the carpet edges are straight.

Staple the carpet on padding on each riser 1/4 inch below the tread, leaving 3 inches between staples. Push tight rug in a corner of the riser and tread with a knee kicker when you finish stapling carpet for each riser. Attach the ends and edges of the carpet stair treads with a few blankets nails.

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