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Sectional sofa covers – Cover can save an old piece of furniture that is still strongly structurally, but may look shabby. Covers for your sofa are very easy to do. Making a slipcover is also a good skill to have, because you can do many different covers to change the color scheme of a room, especially for a holiday party.

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Measure for measure sectional sofa covers. Take the sofa cushions and placing them on the floor or a table. Measure them from start to finish on all sides. Use a tape measure to measure all sides. Use this formula: Length + width + height = Total. The total divided by 36 = Number of Yards of Material. If you also have to sectional sofa covers base yourself, measure the couch from the tip to the floor, and do not forget the arms of the sofa. Do the same calculation to get your yardage. A tip: always buy some extra material.

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That’s all material for Do it yourself sectional sofa covers. After you have all your measurements, find the nearest fabric store and shop. Ask questions about the material, what type it is and whether it’s machine washable. Microfiber material is good because it is usually the stain is treated and thus stain resistant. Cleaning instructions for your materials is crucial. If possible, always choose fabric that is specially designed for upholstery. Once you’ve decided, you need to wire that goes with cloth and a long zipper. Select the length so that it is about 2 inches shorter than the length of the pad.

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Now spread out the material on a hard surface or floor, inside and out. Now place the sofa cushion on top of the material. Pin the pattern is right on the pillow. Measure all the way around and mark the material with a pen to be really accurate. Always include some extra width as the cover fits easily and allow for sewing a seam. Sew the pattern’s top and bottom sides together leaving an opening at the back of the pad where it can remain hidden. The zipper should go along the back seat. After sewing is your cover, unpack it and turn it inside out. Put covers on the first pad and continue until the pads are finished. If you cover the whole couch, the Foundation can only have a loose cover because the pillows will sit on top. And beautiful sectional sofa covers ready used.

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