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The best time to plan for the installation doorbell button is when the walls and ceilings. That are still open for new construction or renovation. If you want to install the bell for the first time at home is complete. You may want to consider a wireless doorbell so you do not need to cut into the wall to do the wiring.

Posted on November 19, 2017 Hardware

Doorbell button in the new house is very easy. Wired bell is low voltage cables that use about 12-volts. Wire size is about 18-gauge wire. It’s actually call the bell wire, so you cannot go wrong with it. You will need to run wires from each bell back to the bell transformer. Wired bell require a transformer that connects to a 120-volt circuit. This reduces the voltage to about 12 volts.

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Be sure to turn off power before you wire the transformer doorbell button to force home. Turn off the breaker and tell other family members what you are doing. The transformer will have a hot screw and screw neutral. Black wire of the power house will be connected to the hot screw and the white wire to be connected to the screw neutral. It will provide power transformer buzzer. There will be a hot wire and a neutral wire that runs from the transformer to the chime box.