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Dorm room decor – In summer, it is the big season for moving, and not least, of course, it is time to check and replacement of the residents of the country’s many colleges. On the web, you can get many good tips and ideas for the interior design of the dorm to take advantage of the space as possible. When you live in a relatively small space, as you often do when you are the tenant, and if you do not like to live in the mess, it’s a good idea to think about its design before you just put the furniture randomly. Actually, there are many ways to utilize very few square meters if you just learn to think a little practical.

Posted on November 23, 2017 Decor Ideas

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Even if you are thrilled to stay away from your parents, there will be times when you miss some of the reassurance from home soft linens, familiar pictures on the wall, the exact distance between the light switch and your bed and there’s nothing like the smell of breakfast through the house when you wake up after a long night’s sleep. Now, that may be a while before you are back in your own bed, so in the meantime here are some ways to make your dorm room décor look new and more homely.

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Another element to dorm room decor is on the floor. What better way to start the day than to be out of bed on a plush carpet except, you known, not having to out of bed? Carpets of sheep wool are a good choice because they are cheap, washable and super soft. Apart from concealing a floor, which inevitably has been worn by time, a carpet also gives some texture or color and, let’s be honest, with all that running around, you will probably get to sleep on it, at least once in your studies.

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Dorm room decor with some flowers. Cut off flowers bring immediate life and color and provide a sense of homeliness. You do not go crazy flower shop a few flowers mixed with wild flowers and foliage would look great. If you do not own a vase yet, try using a jar, storage jar or even a colorful drink glass. If you do not have so many free surfaces, try to hang a jar on a hook on the wall or ceiling. Want something more persistent, consider a potted plant, such as a peace lily or a fig.