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Ductless range hood kitchen is not all in the same way install. So that each brand has its own assembly instructions depending on the type and characteristics of each.  But sometimes distances and measures require for proper functioning are not respect. And the result is a kitchen full of smoke and bad smells.

Posted on November 10, 2017 Hardware

The recommend installation height of the ductless range hood is not set according to the user’s height or not to bother his head. It is determine so that the extraction is efficient and safe. If it is too low, the bell will run the risk of burning. And if it is too high, it will lose effectiveness and fumes will spread throughout the kitchen. And yes, take into account whether the plate is gas or vitro or induction.

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Ductless Range HoodSize: 1022 x 681

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To optimize the efficiency of the ductless range hood, limit the maximum length of the extraction tube smoke to the outside not more than 4 meters and elbows 90 °, since each reduces the output speed and subtracts to 20% of its power extractor.  in addition , the tube must have a straight path of at least 30 cm. Before bend 90 °. These inevitable losses that occur along the way, should compensate with increased power of the hood.