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Wicker bar stools – Do you know wicker stools? Wicker stools are ideal for spaces with rustic or Nordic inspiration, however, you can play with the material or its colors to get fit in spaces with a modern and avant – garde style. If you have a patio or pool bar, can rattan or wicker stools add fun, tropical feel. These chairs are often designed to resemble bamboo so they have a more authentic look and can be covered with cushions in bright, bold colors to continue the tropical theme. Couples rattan chairs with a Tiki bar , torches and some palms to create a tropical getaway in your own backyard.

Posted on November 8, 2017 Interiors Furniture

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Vintage wicker bar stools provide an elegant and style to any space touch, so they are perfect to place in a room that you would like to give a new air. Need some inspiration? In here we show you tips and ideas to decorate your space with these characteristics seats. Wicker stools in a garden chill out: the chill out spaces are characteristic to recreate a place of relaxation and peace with a simple décor based on white . If you have a bar counter in your garden, decorate with style chill out: gauzy linen or cotton fabrics and wicker stools .

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Wicker swivel bar stools for a rustic living room: a rustic room in the nature is the ultimate inspiration: natural wood furniture, vegetable fibers and textiles imitating the skin. The wicker fits well into these environments, do not hesitate to make wicker stools for your rustic living room! Wicker stools, also in romantic spaces: a product such as wicker is perfect for decorating your romantic spaces. Color brown or white, you can combine your wicker stools soft cushions to create a sweet and delicate environment.

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What if you give life to your old wicker bar stools? Wicker is a material often used in the preparation of different seats, from chairs or stools to chairs. This material wears over time and the strength of its fibers is weakened, so they can break easily. However, you can repair for a low price and a very easy way your wicker footstool and extend its life for a long time, how? Is very simple, because only have to change the wicker seat with a new one and, if desired, apply a coat of paint or varnish, cheer restore your wicker stools!