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Waterfall shower head – After a long hard work, good shower can be enough to release accumulated tension. Or simply to forget for a few minutes all these problems that are hanging around our head. And we cannot get rid of them. Any shower or bath may be valid to achieve this goal. But like everything in life, there are some that offer some extra elements that can do much more comforting those situations.

Posted on August 14, 2017 Hardware

Today we do a review of some of the most spectacular showers that we can find in the market. Not only as far as functionality is concerned. But also to its original design, a few showers that when you see them for the first time only will you one thing to mind: how I can get waterfall shower head of those for my bath. This is where the typical shower enclosed cab disappears instead provides an opening through which to move while showering. It offers a sense of freedom while showering the room without moisture loads.

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Waterfall Shower HeadSize: 900 x 900

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This waterfall shower head is able to give a unique touch to any bathroom thanks to its original design that comes from what we are accustomed today. Besides functioning as shower, also it provides its owner a place to put any type of decorative object.  It has a unique design with a single red key that regulates itself by water temperature.