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Saddle bar stools – If you are one of those who live in large cities or spend much time in them for work, sure miss peace and tranquility and especially contact with nature that offer cottage. But you do not have field at your fingertips does not mean you cannot have access to it. Have you thought of rustic decor interior?

Posted on November 6, 2017 Interiors Furniture

In here we try to fulfill all your wishes in field of decoration or at least try to respond to your concerns and questions. That’s why we always offer our best tips and tricks so that later you can decide on some products and make your home a place where you feel happy. If you want to enjoy some of advantages of cottages in city plan you will have to decorate your home in rustic style. For that you’ll have to follow some tips and you should make some key products, such as rustic horse saddle bar stools. In rustic style star is a material that can never be lacking: wood. Different types of wood are used for all kinds of furniture such as tables or chairs, also for parquet and many decorative details. Between seats, in addition to rustic chairs, they are also challenged rustic stools. These stools can be of different sizes and each will fit better or worse to needs of your home.

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Low saddle bar stools measure approximately 48 cm high. These wooden stools will help you be more clear spaces and wide thanks to its size may be placed under table, which does not allow a chair. On other hand, low rustic stools may have, besides functional purpose as seat, a decorative use. In rustic style, you cannot miss natural materials and plants, so you can use wooden stools and place a potted plant in each. You can stay for a mini garden beautiful if you put online stools by window, each with its plant. You can also paint each of rustic stools in a different color that suits rustic style, such as pastel shades. They will fill your home life!

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High saddle bar stools are about 75 cm tall and are also made of wood. They are perfect seat if you have a kitchenette, to save space and to sit comfortably at bar. A high stool gives you possibility to eat or make use of American bar chairs rustic or low stools do not offer. Also, if you have a large house you can create a beautiful area chill out in a corner of room or dining room. To do this you can avail yourself of a large wooden barrel and some rustic stools high.