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Strap hinges are most commonly find on heavy doors and large doors on buildings like barns. These hinges are design to spread mounting load of hinge across a larger surface. Which is why they are so common in large doors. Installation of this type of hinge is usually fairly easy because both sides of hinge mount to surface of door, and no chiseling is required to fit or recess hinge. This type of hinge in a smaller form is common for some rustic cabinet styles in country or farmhouse kitchens.

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How to install strap hinges? First, measure your closet facing. Smaller side of a strap hinge mount face, so it is important to determine amount of space you have to fit hinge. Then, choose hinge that works with your freezer. If your gate sits on top of cabinet face, make sure hinge can accommodate offset. Add a typical door on your work surface. Position two hinges, one near top and one near bottom. Hinges must be at same distance from top and bottom edges and usually more than 3 inches from each edge.

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What Is Strap HingesSize: 900 x 1068

Strap HingesSize: 900 x 417

Strap Hinges StyleSize: 990 x 742

Strap Hinges Screen DoorSize: 1500 x 1500

Strap Hinges InstallSize: 1481 x 1800

Strap Hinges DesignsSize: 945 x 1224

Strap Hinges CabinetSize: 1024 x 683

Strap Hinges BronzeSize: 1384 x 1600

Decorative Strap HingesSize: 1500 x 1500

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Next, place hinge barrel to fall on seam between cabinet door and cabinet face. Use a level and mark your drill holes with a pencil. Use same technique to your bottom hinge. Then, drill holes through your cabinet doors on location of your brands. And then, attach strap portion of hinge for doors. Be careful not to tighten your hardware to point scrunch your hinges. Some strap hinges attach with screws, for this type of drill holes. Some straps attach with bolts and nuts, for this type of drill holes through door position your closet door inside cabinet face opening. Using shims to hold top, bottom, and hinge side smooth and level. When fit is still around, pre-drill and install your screws into pintle, part of hinge that mounts to cabinet face.

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