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Fireplace Wood Rack – Fireplaces and wood stoves generate intense heat. The fuel used is wood. Bring firewood outside and covered bulk at all times. Keep a small amount of firewood next to the fireplace. To feed the fire without making repeated trips to the woodpile. Store firewood stacked neatly on the floor on a shelf.

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Instructions: Place treated poles on the ground side by side. Make sure the ends of the posts are flush. His tape measures at the end of a pole hook and pull it to 12 inches. Make a mark on the fireplace wood rack pole with his pencil in 8 inches. Hook the wide side of the square of speed on the side of one of the outer positions. Align the sheet Square speed with pencil mark 8 inches. Extend the brand into a line through two of your message. To the Plaza and engage in the opposite was put into their training. Extend the 8-inch line through the remaining two seats.

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Four of your posts roll 90 degrees to the left. Put the square speed on each post and expand the brand 8-inch around the corner. And around the perpendicular side of each post treatment. Move two positions outside the fireplace wood rack area. Separate the remaining two posts to 66 inches of space between the inner edges of the posts.