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Tub spout – Tub spouts take a lot of abuse. People rest their legs while washing or shaving, wash cloths are hung from them and they sometimes get bumped when people get in or out of the tub. All of these things can cause permanent damage. When a tub spout is destroy, it’s beyond repair. There are two different types of tub spout, so make sure you know which type you have before buying a new one.

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Instructions: First, look underneath your tub spout to see if you can find a set screw. If your has a spout, means of a hex wrench to unscrew from the spout. Second, insert the tip of a strong screwdriver into the opening in the spout if it does not have a set screw. Push the screwdriver counterclockwise rotating spout free of threaded pipes. Third, remove the spout from the tube. If your chute had threaded on the tube, remove the old Teflon tape from around the end of the pipe. Develop new Teflon tape clockwise about the threaded end of the tube.

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Replace the tub spout over the pipe. If your chute had a set screw, just push the spout over the pipe. Using tongs, turn the spout as tightly as possible. Make sure that the opening of the spout pointing downward. And the last is inserting the included set screw into the hole at the bottom of your new spout. Use a hex wrench to tighten the screw to secure the new spout.