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Folding side table – The table is a very useful piece of furniture that not only serves to place the food. But from a notebook to write up clean clothes.  Because they are trendy small apartment and the furniture is going coupling to it, not talk about a table as is, but folding tables. Yes, those tables that bend and but occupy your table, you can fold and place in a small place.

Posted on November 30, 2017 Hardware

For their different designs, folding side table can be multifunctional. In addition, you can move from place without any problem because they are not heavy and are not static. Folding tables can be from single to meeting, in different styles, materials and with different options. One of them is folding table with hidden piece. They has two different mechanisms hidden. The first is, that has a sliding piece that is hide under the first table. As the desk where the computer that has a sliding table. And the mouse and keyboard is place they are place. On the other hand, by sliding the second part of the table, fold tables are fit and to hide under the table. An idea for a small table that converts to accommodate more people.

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Oak Folding Side TableSize: 934 x 623

Folding Side TableSize: 900 x 675

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A folding side table ideal for use anywhere. This table can be exploit to place in any space. The folding table can be use in two different ways. First, this table can be split into one third, so that you can put on the wall to take up less space. Fully round tables occupy spaces that can especially if the table is only for one person. This folding table, can built in round shapes, for another invite to the feast.