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Hinge pin door stop is one of the useful tools and silent helpers are ready to present in most businesses and homes. A door stop serve several purposes include hold the door open. Or prevent the doors from open too far (to protect the wall). Styles varied and serve different functions so choosing the correct style for your home or office is important.

Posted on December 11, 2017 Hardware

Hinge pin door stop is a wall or floor mounted device that harnesses the power of magnets to hold the door open. It is a simple solution because it does not require more than one step to use this style and it is suitable for most standard doors. Note: the heavier the door may require a stronger magnet or a different style of door stops completely – please check with the contractor if you have any questions or concerns.

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Depending on the chosen style, hinge pin door stop can also protect the wall from one hung doors that swung open and closed independently. A door stop with a 3-inch projection will stop buttons from banging into the wall (causing dents and cracks from time to time) if the door swings open suddenly. An additional benefit of the magnet will pick up if the door swings open suddenly and prevent it from slamming shut again.