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Non slip stair treads – When it comes to minor conduct their own projects around the house, one of the projects most often overlooked but very important considerations to do is install non slip stair treads on your steps and stairs in your home. Wet and slippery steps can be very dangerous to walk on, and accidents can happen to anyone. Simple and easy project to do this will only take a short time to complete, and the benefits will last for many years to come.

Posted on November 5, 2017 Decor Ideas

The first thing to do when you put non slip stair treads is to go through your home and assess which measures would benefit from a non-slip tread installed. If you have a wooden floor, or outside stairs were exposed to rain and ice, these are all good candidates to consider. You will want to count how many steps people you have so you will know exactly how much the site will be required. Next, you will want to measure each one to make sure you buy the right size. Ideally they should cover as many areas as possible, although this is not always possible.

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Get non slip stair treads is too small will not provide as much benefit as they would be if they are the correct size. Once you have completed all your measurements and you know exactly how much you’ll need, the next step is to decide which type is right for you. Often times the type of carpet is suitable for indoor use, as they would provide sufficient traction, but many prefer this type of rubber. For outdoors there are many different types to consider, whether they be rubber or made of materials that often resembles a shingle roof.

You can often buy these at most home improvement stores, although you can often find a better selection online. Most of this type will come with directions and an adhesive backing. You will first need to thoroughly wash and dry the area you want to apply. Be sure to read the instructions that came to make sure they are fastened correctly. If they are not tied properly they will not survive, and could even be potentially dangerous if they should come loose.

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When non slip stair treads is installed correctly, stair treads can also provide years of safe treading on slippery places in your home and help reduce the possibility of accidents. With minimal investment and security benefits, it is easy afternoon project that should be done to make your home safer and more comfortable.