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Wood stair treads – When homeowners remove old carpets that cover the steps common wood or when they have stairs hardwood but are so damaged that can no longer be repaired, cover the risers or risers and install steps hardwood it is an ideal way to fix them. Here’s how to install wood stair treads steps: Step 1) Perhaps the first step in installing hardwood steps be cut rounded edges (the front part protruding rung) of existing steps, even if it will not completely remove the old steps. To do this, use a circular saw or a reciprocating saw and make every cut carefully using a handsaw, a multi tool swing, jig saw cutting flush or a hammer and chisel where the edges are rounded to the wall. Install a piece of plywood on existing risers so it is flush with the front edge of the steps can eliminate this step.

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Finally, check each step to test its strength or see if there is any movement that results in squeaks. Stand on each step and shift your weight from side to side to locate any squeak. Insert screws on the steps and stiles to eliminate squeaks. Step 2) Thoroughly clean wood stair treads sweeping it all, sucking it and then wiping the entire surface to remove dust and debris. You probably have to do this throughout the installation, especially if you decide to work from the top down, which is the preferred method. Step 3) Install the risers. Cut the first riser or riser so that it completely covers the existing riser. It is best to install the risers or risers one at a time, as it seeks to accurately register engage and the oldest steps have slight differences from one step to another. Once installed risers begin installing the rungs of the ladder.

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Try each piece emblazonment dry. If the intersection of the riser and the skirt wood is not plumb, cut the riser approximately ¾ inches longer, place it against the old riser and mark a line with a compass and a pencil and then make a cut on the line. You probably have to do this on both ends of the new riser if the wood stair treads is flanked by two walls. Try each piece emblazonment dry and then use a construction adhesive and finish nails to install the new riser. If you are working with hardwood risers, drill pilot holes for the nails for finishing wood to prevent fragmenting.

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