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Bar stool cushions – Bar stool cushions for cheap wood bar stools are often used at breakfast bar counters in kitchens. The chair is usually chosen because it is cheap and it can be stored under the counter when not being used. The two most common types is the round top and a more modern rectangular top that is slightly curved. Both of these styles are easy to make cushions for.

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Place Kraft paper on the floor for outdoor bar stool cushions. Turn the stool of paper and trace around the shape of the stool seat. Make a note on the pattern, adding 1/2 inch to all sides for seam allowance. Cut the pattern with scissors. Place the pattern over the 3-inch foam. Trace the outline with a marker. Cut the foam by means of an electric carving knife or serrated knife edge. Fold your cover fabric in half and position and pin your pattern on the fabric. Cut through both pieces of fabric that adds a 1/2-inch seam allowance on all sides.

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Measure around the perimeter of your foam pad and add 1 inch. It is the length of your page strip of fabric. Measure the thickness of your foam and add 1 inch for seam allowance. Cut the fabric to the sides of your pillow. Sewing the short ends of the right side together to form a fabric loop. Place the bottom cushion fabric face up on the workbench. Cut the four pieces of non-fray tape 18 inches long. Place each belt so that the belt end is even with the edge of the fabric, and the long part of the tape is toward the center. Space ribbons evenly around the edge of the bar stool covers. Sew each ribbon to the fabric by 1/2-inch seam allowance.

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Pin the top cover panel to the side fabric face sides together and sew the pieces together with a 1/2-inch seam. Pin the bottom fabric to the side fabric face sides together. Make sure your tape ends are tucked inside so you do not sew across them another time. Your sewing fabrics together, leaving a section between two lines open for stuffing.

Turn your cover right side out. The bands will be evenly distributed around the outside of the bottom cover at the seam. Hug your coverage with your pillow. At the opening, tuck in the side and bottom fabric under 1/2-inch and hand sew closed. Place the pad on the bar stool cushions with bands down. Ties during the stool to secure the pad. The tapes may be bonded together or bonded to the stool legs.

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