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Fireplace gas valve – Our Indoor gas fireplaces are manufacture with materials of the highest quality; it is an innovative product. Because its functionality allows us to accommodate them in any space without the need to have a tee shot. Shapes and Design Ideas Fireplaces Heating High is a completely new concept in gas fireplaces; modern, decorative and also residential interior.

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Fireplace gas is design to provide a comfortable atmosphere and also great warmth in your room, living room, dining, hall, bedroom, office, business and conference facilities. It goes up and down the flame through a knob that makes you pass more or less gas. Some come with electronic and pilot (on Glossary), which allows leaving them on, with a low flame. In all cases it is very important to include a safety fireplace gas valve approved.

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Old Fireplace Gas ValveSize: 1024 x 768

Fireplace Gas ValveSize: 1024 x 768

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By using our system on Remote Control, makes it easy for you to use the equipment. This system is of the highest German technology and manufacturing, we guarantee total safety in handling it is programmable in both time and temperature. Our ignition systems and ignition Remote Control Switch is 100% safe and reliable, if he were to turn off the pilot fireplace gas valve automatically makes a cut in the gas supply. In our indoor fireplaces we have igniters and also ignition Remote Control Switch.