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Hair dryer holder – A hair dryer holder will keep the unit available when out of the way. Build a hair dryer holder, a trace circumference hairdryer nozzle in the middle of a piece. Draw a square border all the way around the circle to select the location where you will cut out this piece of hair holder.

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Keep plywood securely on a flat surface. Then use a broach to cut out the circle, and be sure to keep your hand away from the knife. Make sure to cut just outside the circle you traced so the hole is large enough to easily fit hair dryer holder. Continue to hold the plywood thoroughly. You should now have a square piece of plywood with a hole in the middle. Arrange the two pieces so the hole in the square will face when you mount the second piece of plywood flat against the wall. And provide equal space on each end of the rectangular piece.

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As a result place a 1/4-inch nails at the back of the rectangular piece of plywood. And behind where it contacts the square piece and then hammering it through the plywood. Repeat on the other end of the rectangular piece to attach the two parts together. Position mounting on a wall in your bath. And using a drill to drive a 1-inch screw through each end of the front part of the mounting piece and the wall. Place the mouthpiece in your hair dryer holder in the hole after use.

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