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Upholstered bar stools – give family and guests with a comfortable chair to eat, drink and socialize. Homeowners equip bars, pub – height table or bar – height counter-tops with upholstered bar stools to add visual interest to the room. Many manufacturers make bar stools from a combination of wood or metal and clothing. Cleaning the bar stools is regularly appeal and keeps the room looking neat and tidy.

Posted on November 27, 2017 Interiors Furniture

Ideas for clean upholstered bar stools with nailheads, Rub a worn flannel cloth over wood or metal parts bar stool frame, starting at the top of the bar stool and work down to the floor, to remove dust. Brush small crevices and corners with a soft, natural – bristle brush to remove dust and dirt from the surface. Add a squirt of mild liquid detergent to a small bucket of water. Swirl the contents of the bucket to mix the soap and water.  Dip a soft cotton cloth in the water. Wring out as much excess water as possible, so that the fabric is barely moist. Rub fingerprints, grease, dirt and dried food waste from wood or metal surface with a damp cloth. Immediately dry the wood or metal surfaces with a clean, soft cloth.

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Pick paste furniture wax or car polish with a soft cloth. Apply the wax polish to all wooden or car wax to all metal upholstered swivel bar stools. Let the paste wax to dry until it turns to a white haze. Rub white haze with a soft cloth to restore shine and protect the finish. Pick-dried food runs off the stopped surface with a dull knife or rigid plastic spatula. Connect an upholstery brush to a vacuum hose. Vacuum upholstered backs and seats of upholstered swivel bar stools. Remove the upholstery brush and connect the crevice tool. Vacuum around the edges of the upholstery and the nooks and crannies where the upholstery brush does not fit.

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Ideas for clean upholstered bar stools, fill a small bucket of water and 1/4 cup of mild detergent. Lower water in a sponge and squeeze the sponge above the water for expressing lather. Continue to dip the sponge and squeeze until you create a thick layer of soapsuds on top of the water. Pick up the suds with a damp lint-free cloth and gently rub them on the padded surface with a circular motion to clean off dirt and stains. You can also spray a commercially available foaming upholstery shampoo on the fabric of the upholstery cleaner manufacturer. If the upholstery is no washable, only clean the stains with a water-free solvent or dry – cleaning fluid. Wipe the cover with a damp lint-free cloth to remove soap residue.

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