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Vessel vanity – Long before vanities are limit to the bathroom, dressing table is appreciate bedroom extension that gave women their own sanctuary to perform the beauty of data among pieces of perfumes, novelties and cans. An estimate three-panel mirror mounted on the wall and a nice vanity chair clear picture. That was all change when the bathroom grew to the size of the bedrooms. At which point the unique vanity designs limit only by money and imagination.

Posted on November 9, 2017 Hardware

Glass vessel vanity sinks, unique designer fittings. And a willingness to incorporate the plumbing in the bathroom decorating scheme usher in the era of the floating vanity. These prefabricate sections of granite, composite and other bathroom countertop material are mount to the walls instead of being support by cabinets and other furniture. Once installed, they seem to float in space. Floating vanities require superior wall supports as natural stone is heavy. Add a thick glass or ceramic vessel sink. And you understand the importance of structural bracing is required to keep these vanities floating in the large vanity mirrors.

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Support your Roman spa theme by buying high plinths and columns to create an opulent vessel vanity fit for Caesar. Cement together or just stack the cards, thick columns to get the right height. Also use tall pillars to size or pair of columns with baseboards to make your support system. Bolt the pillars to the wall and place either a countertop or a thick plate of glass that has been drilling to accommodate drainage basin and faucet on top.