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Stair runner carpet – The carpet on the stairs in a home or office eventually torn down and becomes compressed and ugly from the inevitable traffic. Worn carpet can be covered – and hindered – by installing stair runner rugs on top of carpet. A runner rug is a full-length extra mats piece placed along both the rise and the tread of each step. Tread mats can be placed on individual steps peaks and provides the same coverage as stair runners.

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Install a stair runner carpet on top of the mats, Vacuum the stair carpet before installing runners. Use different brush attachments to extract deep dirt. Measure the length and width of the stairs. Find the exact center of the step width and mark it with a small chalk mark. Determine how much space to leave on the edges of the runners; you should have an equal measure between the installed runners and wall, and between the runner and the other wall or railing. Draw lines on both the rise and the treads of the stairs to mark the ends of the carpet should fix. To find the length needed for runners, start at the top step and measure the tread and rise of each step, and where you want to place runners.

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Install a stair runner carpet on top of the mats; Cut tackles strips to place on the back of the stairs and at the bottom of each raise. Attach tackles strip on the back of the tread and the base of the rise. Hammer tackles strip on the stairs using finishing nails that are long enough to penetrate the existing carpet and pad and into the forest of the stairs. The strips should be placed about an inch from the back of the tread and an inch from the bottom of the rise.


Place the runners as the pile of runner facing down the stairs, this is not important, but will help you keep the staircase cleaner. After placement of the mat, placing stair runner carpet and start the installation, working from top to bottom. Drive carpet pins in the upper edge of the carpet, since the slider pull taut down to the tackles strip at the rise, minimally bent in the corner and placing the carpet over the tackles strip at the tread. Apply the floor trim to secure the end of the carpet. The slider should expire either at the bottom of the last increase, on the floor by the ultimate increase, or at the end of the final tread. The runner never stops in the middle of the final increase.

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