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Brushed nickel bathroom accessories – A bathroom update can make the bathroom look and feel like new. Because bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces, some upgraded accessories make a big impact. The best place to start is by removing all existing accessories, then filling and sanding the wall holes and taping and painting the bathroom in a fresh color. This creates a clean slate when you want to add new brushed nickel bathroom accessories.

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How to install brushed nickel bathroom accessories sets. Remove any existing bathroom accessories from the walls. Patch walls with speckling and a putty knife. After than remove old caulk around the fixture with a utility knife. Tape off the room. Cover fixtures with sheet plastic and prime and paint the walls a new color. This will give a fresh surface for your new accessory. Open the accessory box. Then remove the template. Look at your walls with new eyes. Consider placing your towel bars in new places on the walls.  Move a stud finder across the area where you want to place the accessory.

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Screw the brackets directly to studs whenever possible. If no stud is near the site, using heavy wall anchors to mount the brackets. Most brushed nickel bathroom accessories have a wall bracket. Accessory slide over the bracket and secures the bracket with a set screw mounted on the underside of the accessory. As a result caulk around all your bathroom fixtures.

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