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Double curtain rods – The double curtain rod drive is an invention simplifies installation of multi-layer draperies or curtains. In the past, adding sheers or a coat to a curtain, two curtain rods, one with a low profile and with a higher profile, each with its own mounting bracket. The double curtain rod has a mounting bracket at each end. And sometimes, additional support for the center of the curtain. It is easy to install, usually with only an awl and a screwdriver. Because of the importance of multi-layered window treatments and a drill. And wall anchors are needed if you do not attach the brackets to a wooden window frame or wall stud.

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In addition, determine the desired position of the double curtain rods relative to the upper corners of the windows. With a ruler and pencil, measure and mark both sides of the window so the positions of the mounting brackets will result in a symmetric appearance of the curtain.

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Place the left or right bracket so the end of the double curtain rods will rest on top of the mark on the wall or window frame.  Remove the bracket. If you connect the console to a wooden window frame, use a punch or hammer. And also finishing nails to make small pilot holes for the screws. If you mount the bracket to drywall, drill a hole through each screw hole mark. And insert a wall anchor into each hole.

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