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The Japanese soaking tub is specifically designed for full body immersion. This is the best way for two people to enjoy the benefits of a truly relaxing bath. Sorrento tubs manufacture by the Victoria and Albert, the maker of the world famous beautiful bath. Read on to know more about Sorrento Japanese soaking tub.

Posted on December 11, 2017 Hardware

Japanese soaking tub is a free-stand tub sits measure: 55 1/8 “long, 37 3/8” wide, 40 “high and 34 1/4” diameter. It weighs 207 pounds and can hold 113 gallons of water. It is equip with a solid oak steps are optional, which makes it easier to get in and out of the soak tub. Victoria and Albert is the company responsible for bathtubs Sorrento.

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Japanese Soaking Tub KitSize: 1003 x 768

Japanese Soaking Tub DiySize: 1024 x 704

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Japanese soaking tub has different models of a clawfoot tub, free stand bath tub. And a four style that will surely catch your attention. A free stand soak tub Sorrento is a practical solution for bathrooms with limit floor space. Reduce the length of Sorrento and higher built a perfect compromise to free up some valuable space. Which you can give to your other bathroom fixtures. Compare with the US modern bathtubs, this is definitely more space-efficient. That article about Japanese soaking tub which we can pass.