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Stand Up Shower Kits – Lately the shower doors not only serve to make the water does not get out while you’re showering, but, increasingly, are a decorative element of any bathroom. Also today, most people use shower doors instead of curtains. What is important is to know that cleaning products for home clean our screen.

Posted on November 16, 2017 Hardware

Every time we showered the stand up shower kits is exposed. To many residues such as soap, lime water, and moisture. Once we’ve finished showering it is best to spend a dry cloth to try to dry the residual moisture remaining. But at least once a week we should clean our shower doors with a product. The way to clean shower doors is very simple. The first thing we see is what we need to perform this cleaning; the most widely used products are white vinegar, water, lemon oil, sponge, and cloth.

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To start with cleaning the stand up shower kits doors must put in a bucket a solution made from water and white vinegar in equal parts. Then we will take a sponge and moisten in this solution and pass this sponge on the surface of the screen rubbing hard and always in circles. In order to remove all traces of soap and lime that our shower doors may have.