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Large wall art – Large wall art, blank wall and nothing to fill it, there is no reason to run out and buy a huge framed print or a piece of the gigantic wall art featuring a flying flock of geese. If you exercise your ingenuity, you can complete this wall with unique art that expresses your unique taste. Let your creativity loose and you will find that you can beat the big, blank wall into a beautiful focal point in a room that is one of a kind.

Posted on November 5, 2017 Decor Ideas

Simply buy a thin piece of plywood large enough to hold your collection of old license plates, arrange the plates on plywood until they cover it completely and then screw them down and hang plywood to the large wall art. If you do not have a license plate collection, use tin advertising signs, small decorated serving trays or cigar box lid or anything else that is rectangular and ample. Be sure to install plywood backing on wall studs – it will be heavy.

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Find a large, surface-mounted clock kit at a craft shop – it must contain the clock hands and a motor and attach directly to the wall. Use a thumbtack to mark the spot on the wall where the engine will go; choose a place that has at least 7 feet wall clearance on each side. Tie a 6-foot cord with a pencil in the other end to the pin and use it to lightly sketch a circle on the large wall art. Starting at the top, making 12 equidistant marks around the circle. Install the clock on the wall, then get creative with “numbers.” You can hang teacups sitting on their saucers, half globes, mirrors or family photographs.

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This idea works best on an unbroken, plain wall. Cut a tree trunk and limbs out of wallpaper and paste it on the large wall art. The trunk can be a basic straight-up-and-down tree or eccentric, exuberant fantasy tree; connect more than one piece of wallpaper, if necessary, to make the outline of the tree, exactly as you want it. Then cut leaf shapes from one or more different colors and patterns of wallpaper and paste them into position on your “tree”. You can choose to cover the tree and “land” underneath it with leaves or just one last autumn leaf hanging from a twig – as with all art, it is up to you.

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