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Wicker patio furniture – Have you already prepared your garden for visitors? If you are still thinking about what kind of furniture to choose, we have solution. Today we propose hundred ideas outdoor furniture wicker or rattan, two very similar materials that are perfect for garden furniture because of its beauty and strength. to begin we will see some features and differences of these two materials so that we clear some concepts before choosing most suitable parts. Wicker is a fiber that comes from a shrub belonging to family of willows. To prepare baskets and furniture generally tend branches and stems of plant used.

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Instead wicker patio furniture is a vine native palm from tropical regions such as Africa, Asia and Australasia often reach a very long plant. It has much more thin stems but very hard time, and development of products must be performed while rattan is still wet because then it is much more flexible and easy to mold. Both materials are knotted and braided to form pieces even when dry wicker furniture are somewhat more flexible and lighter than rattan, besides having possibility of being painted more easily. Conversely, rattan is more resistant and resilient to adverse conditions. It is for this reason that many experts choose to produce furniture from a mixture of these two materials.

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Then we will list some of designs, types of development and own wicker patio furniture or rattan finishes. First we have “kooboo gray” highly sought after today. outer layer is removed and only layer called pelepah used. next type of rattan is natural banana, this being a variation of above with difference that can be found practically all over Indonesia.  and this is a type of far more fragile than we have seen previously rattan. This plant is aquatic and lives in rivers. Once cut leaves and flowers of trunk it can be used to make furniture and drying takes a nice light brown yellowish.

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If braid it rattan water hyacinth get finished higher strength and also a range of something darker colors. This kind of working acquires name of flat rattan and is also present in indoor furniture such as sets of tables and chairs. Finally there is Seagrass rattan, which is made with wild weeds. originality of this material is that once besides being tough enough dry continues to maintain a very original light green color, but also can be decorated with paintings. Once seen characteristics of different types of wicker patio furniture, we can begin to distinguish and see some of latest designs for garden furniture.

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